The thought of homeschooling can seem overwhelming at first. But like everything, if you take it one day at a time, you’ll find the reward far outweighs the sacrifice. In fact, you’ll discover homeschooling was not a sacrifice at all, but an investment. An investment in your family, your children’s character and your life. ​Is it hard?… Continue reading Homeschooling

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Homeschooling with Purpose

It fills me with awe and wonder that each of our children was chosen by God before the foundation of the world. Each was created for a particular purpose- a purpose God ordained in advance that they should pursue. Our children are all unique, created with different gifts, talents, abilities, interests, passions, dislikes, and preferences. All… Continue reading Homeschooling with Purpose


Do You Want to Quit Homeschooling?

I recently ran into a sweet, godly homeschooling mother. She hesitantly shared with me that she may not be homeschooling her oldest through high school; instead she was considering private school. I could tell she was nervous to tell me, but I reassured her I didn’t judge her decision; after all, if God guides you… Continue reading Do You Want to Quit Homeschooling?


Download my 2021 Speaker Packet here. Below is a list of some of my speaking topics. If you wish to have me speak at your event, please contact me at [email protected] __________________________ 7 Easy Ways to Integrate the Charlotte Mason Method into Your Homeschool Implementing Charlotte Mason principles and approaches into your homeschool is not… Continue reading Speaking


7 Ways to Develop Writers Through Notebooking

Notebooks are living books—creative expressions of a child’s learning. When our children engage in notebooking, they are uniquely authoring their own book filled with authentic ideas and expressions they will treasure forever. Some people mistakenly believe notebooking is all about writing, but that’s not true at all. While notebooking can and often does include writing,… Continue reading 7 Ways to Develop Writers Through Notebooking

Jeannie’s Science

My best selling, award-winning science series published by Apologia is consistently rated the #1 elementary science curriculum. Why? Because my Young Explorer Series is Unique Written by an ACTUAL homechooling mother I wrote my science books as I was homeschooling, testing the concepts, methods, experiments and activities while using them to teach my own children.… Continue reading Jeannie’s Science

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